FAQ about the Founding Member Perks Portal

How do I get an invite to the Perks Portal?
You will receive an invite to the Perks Portal within 24 hours after upgrading to Founding Membership. Be on the lookout for an email that says "Tech Ladies wants you to try Fond." If for any reason you didn't get this email, drop a line to help@hiretechladies.com and we'll hook you up!

What is Fond?
Fond powers our Perks Platform. Their team handles many of the perks you see. One of the pluses to using Fond is that you'll get access to 600+ perks across categories. People save an average of $650 a year using the perks portal!

What are Tech Ladies Exclusives?
Tech Ladies Exclusives are perks that are only for Founding Members of Tech Ladies, and are not available to anyone else.

Can I share perks?
No, it is against our Terms of Service to share perks with anyone who is not a Founding Member. Sharing perks endangers our ability to offer them, so please keep them to yourself! 

What if I forget to use perks?
Fond has an iPhone and Android app for browsing perks on the go. There is also a Fond Chrome browser extension (which is really nifty!) that will alert you when perks are available across any site you're browsing on the internet. We'll also mention the perks portal in our weekly email and Facebook group, and we'll highlight new perks as they come in. 

What do I do if a link to a perk is broken or removed?
For the vast majority of perks, you should reach out to Fond's customer service team if a perk or link is broken. For the Tech Ladies exclusives, you can reach out to us at help@hiretechladies.com and we'll investigate.