3 Questions with a Tech Lady: Alisha Miranda of Technical.ly


Hi Alisha! Can you tell us about Technical.ly and what you work on there?

I’m Technical.ly’s first Client Success Manager, focused on account management and managed services for our growing list of clients across the Mid-Atlantic. I work closely with technology companies who sponsor local and regional events, working with them to execute event activations geared around business development, talent acquisition, and branding. On the other side of the business, I work as Technical.ly’s sales support to deliver advertising campaigns and propose smart ways to increase client retention.

What career advice do you have for other Tech Ladies that you wish you’d known 5 years ago?

Wow, okay five years ago I was 25 and freelancing and failing at it. The advice I wish someone would have told me is that you don’t need to wait for a dream job to appear. I look back at that time and I had this sense of anti “9–5 job” because freelancing was cooler and gave me more freedom, when in fact, I was depressed, broke and not moving forward in my career. I wish someone 1) offered me a full-time job and 2) forced me to take it so I could be financially stable and get my bearings a bit.

What technology are you personally most excited about in the next 365 days? (could be VR, drones, AI, bots, etc)

Agh, technology is overwhelming! Seriously, the most exciting tech I’ve seen is the person who created an auto Twitter bot to tell Donald Trump to delete his account every time he tweets. Also I support any piece of tech that bridges the digital divide for underserved communities: tech that becomes more accessible to every day people, that impacts our daily lives for the better. I’m lucky to read these stories and see that technology in person at Technical.ly.