3 Questions with a Tech Lady: Meet YouTube’s Goddess of Code, Kristen Leake


Interview by Allison Grinberg-Funes

You have a YouTube series called “Girls Talk Code.” Can you tell us more about the series?

When I searched YouTube, I found very few active channels with ladies teaching or discussing code. This doesn’t accurately represent the number of women interested and working in this industry at all! So I decided to introduce YouTube viewers to the many different faces and occupations of ladies who code and everything in between! My mission is to create educational and motivational content to help coding newbies on their journey and give them the confidence to enter the tech industry.

Starting February 22nd, I’ll release weekly conversations with different women. The topics are based upon my guests’ background, which range from UX/UI, frontend and backend development, teaching, and founding startups.

You were just accepted into the Hygge Podcast Residency — what drew you to podcasting?

Podcasting was suggested to me when my YouTube was in its infancy, but I thought it was something I could never do. When my following grew, I realized that it wasn’t about me: it’s about the valuable content I was sharing and the messages that need to be heard!

It recently occurred to me that engaging my audience via podcasting will be a lot different compared to video. Without the ability to show locations and use props, it’s a completely different experience that will both test and improve my listening skills, diction, and creativity. I’ve gotten the hang of my YouTube workflow so it’s fun to start over by creating a new flow for podcasting.

With the help of Hygge, I recently created a podcast called “Break Into Code.”

A lot of women in the Tech Ladies community are looking to learn new skills or grow the ones they have. As someone who combines web development, YouTube, and now podcasting, what advice do you have for the community about managing your time and fitting everything in?

First, be conscious of how you’re wasting time! This past year, I started paying attention to not just the tasks I do every day but how long I do them. I quickly realized that I often picked up my phone to respond to tweets and Facebook messages, and I would always lose myself in apps and lose track of time! So now I allow myself to check social media while multitasking, like standing in line at the grocery store. When you become conscious of it, it’s easy to say no to distractions.

Second, prioritize! Remember that YOU are your number one priority… no one else will prioritize what’s important to you. So every morning I ask myself: “What 3 things must be completed for me to feel accomplished today?”

If you’re passionate and eager to do something, you can always find time. It just requires reflecting on your current workflow and making changes that best suit your needs.