UX Research

3 Questions with Aryel Cianflone, UX Researcher & Creator of Mixed Methods Podcast

Interview by Breanne Thomas

Hi Aryel! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Hi! For work, I manage a small team of user researchers at Domo, a business intelligence company aimed at being the control center for your business (it’s currently valued at $2B).

When I’m not at work, I love spending time outside! Summer is my favorite season because I can get out and go hiking, climbing, camping, etc. I live in Utah right now, which is paradise for stuff like that.

What inspired you to launch Mixed Methods as a podcast?

I have been using different user research methods throughout my career, but about a year ago, I started working as a researcher for my team. The learning curve was pretty steep and I had a number of questions and no one to ask. The UX research community is pretty small where I live, so I started reaching out to people. I wanted to speed up my learning and get more involved with the professional community.

During his process, I realized that if these conversations were useful to me, they probably would be for others as well. So I bought a mic, learned how to do some audio editing, and started a podcast.

Who would be your dream guest and why?

My dream guest is changing all the time. For a while, it was Jake Knapp, but since he’s been on the show, I had the chance to rethink it. Right now, I’m really interested in speaking with Edward de Bono. He is the father of lateral thinking, which is a method of problem solving that is more creative/less direct than more traditional methods. His ideas have informed an entire generation of UX professionals, and I think it would be amazing to talk to him about his journey.